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The "Journal of Machine Construction and Maintenance" quarterly published by the Institute for Sustainable Technologies – National Research Institute (ITeE-PIB) in Radom, Poland has been in print for over than 25 years already. The journal covers five thematic issues including the following:

  1. Technology transfer and methods of informational support for technical and organisational systems;
  2. Advanced technologies of production and maintenance;
  3. Methods of investigation of maintenance quality and durability;
  4. Environmental technologies;
  5. Test and research apparatus. Specialised technological devices.

The topic of innovativeness, around which the subject matter of the journal revolves, complies with the EU recommendations from Lisbon, Barcelona and Goteborg according to which strategic objectives for the sustainable economic development and the building of knowledge-based societies have been drawn for the united Europe.

The Quarterly is addressed mainly to scientists, students and engineers specialising in the area of technical objects maintenance. Only those article that are at a high substantial level are published. The editing is at the highest possible level as well (ISO 9001). The substantial level of the journal has been confirmed and the total of 12 points is granted to the publications printed in it. The articles accepted for publication may be written either in Polish or English, and there are 2 English issues and 2 Polish issues, or mixed, published annually.

The “Maintenance Problems” Quarterly is indexed in the following databases:

  • DOMA – Dokumentation Maschinenbau, Centrum FIZ Technik, Frankfurt am Main – Bibliographic database concerning machine structure and production engineering. The database includes the information from German and international scientific journals, conference materials, reports and specialist literature
  • e-PNP – Polish scientific publications database of the Higher School of Economics in Białystok
  • BazTech – Bibliographic-abstract database of Polish technical journals in which articles concerning technical science and exact sciences, as well as environmental protection are included. BazTech is one of the resources of the Virtual Scientific Library and its content is indexed by Google Scholar, Google and
  • Information database of the Scientific Press of ITeE-PIB.